The future of sustainable fuel sources in the transportation industry

We are conducting a short, anonymous survey to find out your thoughts on sustainable fuel sources in the transportation industry, including your understanding of the various options, potential challenges, and expected timings for full conversion to sustainable fuel sources. We will issue a report with our findings and our thoughts in the next few months.


1. Which best describes your organization’s role?


2. Which part of the transport industry does your business primarily operate in or supply fuel to?


3. Which region is your work primarily located in?


4. Which of the following would you include in your definition of sustainable fuel sources that are of potential widescale application in the transportation sector? Please tick as many boxes as you like.


5. Within what time frame do you think it will be possible for your modes of transport to be powered by 100% sustainable fuel sources?


6. Which of the following resources are you likely to use as a transitional fuel in your modes of transport in the next 3-5 years?


7. Which of the following sustainable fuel and power types do you think would be the best long-term option to fuel your modes of transport in your organization? You can choose as many options as relevant.


8. Please select the first, second and third biggest factors driving your organization’s use of sustainable fuel sources.

Biggest factorSecond biggest factorThird biggest factorN/A (not among the top 3)
Availability of debt or equity investment
Commitment to voluntary carbon reduction or other environmental targets
Company targets / objectives / promises / policies
Concessions or contract awards from governments
Corporate purpose and ethical business
Customer requirement or expectation
Government subsidy or revenue support schemes, or similar incentives
Regulatory disclosure requirements and reputational concerns
Regulatory prohibitions or restrictions
Retention or recruitment of staff
Shareholders and other stakeholder engagement expectations
Sustainable financing commitments
Tax incentives

9. Please select the first, second and third biggest barriers to your organization in transitioning to sustainable fuel sources in the next 5 to 10 years?

Biggest barrierSecond biggest barrierThird biggest barrierN/A (not among the top 3)
Availability of third-party financing
Cost of sustainable energy
“First mover penalty” since any new technology costs more
Geopolitical tensions preventing global cooperation in supply chains and standards setting and certification processes
Lack of demand signals to drive production and investment into new technology]
Regulatory uncertainty, lack of political stability to ensure continued governmental support
Supply chain – availability of fuel or feedstock
Supply chain – lack of/inadequate infrastructure
Technology not working / not advanced enough currently and will require a long investment horizon that few investors find attractive

10. What are your first, second and third biggest legal worries as you transition toward sustainable fuel sources?

Biggest legal worrySecond biggest legal worryThird biggest legal worryN/A (not among the top 3)
Contractual disputes due to a developing industry standard and understanding
Difficult planning and permitting processes and legal challenges to those consents
Finding a legal means to pass on or share costs with counterparties
Lack of standardization of terms leading to greenwashing risk
Liability for experimental technologies not covered by traditional insurance products
Litigation risks
Non-compliance with certification processes, complexity of auditing suppliers’ operations in ensuring inputs are from sustainable sources
Protecting the value in intellectual property associated with development of new technology
Uncertainty in interpreting or ensuring compliance with new or complex regulations

11. Which do you think will be the top 3 most likely sources of financing the transition to sustainable fuels?


12. Please add any comments you’d like to share regarding your responses above or your thoughts about switching to sustainable fuel sources in the transportation industry.


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